About KIA

With more than 32 years financial experience, Scott Kaplan owns and manages the Kaplan Insurance Agency.  With over 2000 policies in force throughout Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Diego counties, Kaplan Insurance Agency is dedicated to the clients we serve with a multitude of insurance products at competitive prices. We are committed to free annual reviews of all policy holder's portfolios, as well as helpful, periodic, newsletters and postcards to make our clients aware of hot new products and industry changes.
The following types of policies are the main types of coverage written

  • We will insure your property & liability
    Home & Earthquake (brush areas, too) Condo Unit owners & Renters plans
    Flood Insurance and Excess Flood Insurance
    Personal Umbrellas of $1 million to $10 million
    Boats, motorcycles, personal water craft, motor homes and mobile homes


  • We will insure your future
    Life-Term, Universal, Mortgage Life
    Long Term Care-nursing home coverage
    Disability-income replacement for downtime
    Medical, Senior Med. Supplement & Dental


  • We will insure your company
    Group Risks of all types including Commercial Apartments, Condominiums and Worker's Compensation

  • We will help grow your Nest Egg
    Retirement-IRA's and Simplified Employee Pension Plans, Cash Value Life insurance
    Annuities and tax deferred CD alternatives

Kaplan Insurance Agency

  1. Can take care of all your insurance needs so you're not spread around at many different agencies.
  2. Has the experience and the right products so you don't end up short at the time of a loss.
  3. Always provides personalized service.  When you call, we know you and you know us.  Not a new voice each time you call.
  4. Always provides experienced claim handling and "proof of insurance" processing.
  5. Always provides knowledge of local laws and how they apply to you.
  6. Promises to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs.  You will always get the lowest rate available with all discounts.